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Other elements that can affect how long a candle burns include: When you consider all the other factors that determine how long a candle burns, you might be tempted to discount the science experiments listed above.

Since everything from the wick to the candle wax contributes to burn time, perhaps these experiments should have taken all of these into consideration.

This is especially true for richly colored candles with a lot of added dye.

Overall, there is so little dye used in candle making that it doesn't affect the burn time much at all.

Large candles with very thin wicks will burn unevenly and you risk the flame being drowned out by pooling wax.

The most important consideration in burn time is the candle wick.Almost all of these begin with a hypothesis that the white candle will burn fastest, but that is never the case.Here are some links to show the results of such experiments: As you can see, color doesn't play much of a factor in how long a candle burns.In fact, the kids doing the experiments used the same brand and size of candles for their tests.It would stand to reason that a candle manufacturer would use standard materials to make these candles, with the only difference between them being the added dyes. If you want to test the theory for yourself, or have your children give it a go as a fun afternoon science project, it's easy to set up and execute.In reality, color makes little to no difference in how fast a candle burns.

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