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The same Terada and Fuji-Gen guitar factories that made all of the Orville by Gibson and Orville guitars were used to make the Gibson/Yamano Gakki Epiphone Elite and Epiphone Elitist series with the Terada guitar factory mostly making the semi acoustic models and the Fuji-Gen guitar factory mostly making the solid body models.

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This is the masters method..don't even begin to ask why.!

These are the factory codes as I got them years ago from JD: Japan F = Fuji Gen Gakki H = Terada I = Iida Korea C = Cort P = ??? This serial is off my destroyer 2 , have no idea what year or anything it was made, can someone help me ?

Fender and Gibson opened Japanese branch divisions to make guitars in Japan using the Fender/Squier or Gibson/Epiphone brand names for the Japanese market.

Fender established Fender Japan in 1982 and contracted Yamano Gakki to oversee the production and distribution of Fender Japan guitars in cooperation with Fender.

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Captain Ibanez Got an answer from Rich harris at Ibanezrules.com, he says that my JS1 is from 1990 and that the J means Japan, od but since he is the major expert on Satriani's on the planet I'll stick with his judgement and we can ad a new line to the already( confusing and)growing topic of Ibanez serial #'s.

The Aria and Gibson Epiphone Japan partnership ended in 1983 with the production of Epiphone guitars for export being moved to Korea.

In 1987 Yamano Gakki obtained the Gibson and Epiphone dealership in Japan.

Epiphone Japan was first established by Gibson in the early 1970s with the dealership mostly being managed by Aria in cooperation with Gibson.

The Matsumoku guitar factory in Japan was used to make the Aria Epiphone Japan guitars.

After Gibson and Yamano Gakki ended Orville production in 1998, Gibson and Yamano Gakki produced an expanded Epiphone Japan model range including solid body as well as semi acoustic models.

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