Who is ed on bachelor pad dating


Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke are the last men standing.

Brad Womack couldn't find a wife on The Bachelor last time, but the former contestant is confident he'll find someone this time if people will give him a chance. Apparently, the romance kept going after the cameras stopped rolling - at a post-Emmy Awards party Sunday, Kipley debuted as an actual, bona fide couple!Tenley Molzahn, who was rejected on the season finale of the show herself (by that stiff Jake Pavelka), believes in Brad as well. Last season on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris passed on three different Mr.Perfects - Jake Pavelka, Reid Rosenthal and Kiptyn Locke - in favor of a guy who was sending booty call texts to half the women in Chicago while on the show.And to be there with these amazing friends was the icing on the cake.Our friendship has certainly stood the test of time from our Disney dancing days!But while Ed Swiderski somehow prevailed then, it will soon be one of his vanquished, aforementioned competitors' time to shine as the new star of The Bachelor.

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