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The role was hardly in the same ballpark as the role that'd make her a household name (btw if you say "Bella Swan" three times in a dark bathroom, then turn on the lights, she'll show up behind you in the mirror — true story), but it still caught his attention all the same.

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one another—Pattison had become familiar with her through a movie she had starred in alongside Emile Hirsch.Amid all the kissing that was being awarded, the actors' reactions evolved.When they were first awarded with golden popcorn, they kissed (as most winners tend to), but it was awkward and forced.And so became the relationship that would melt the hearts of Twilight fangirls and fanboys everywhere.As charming as Edward might seem in the Twilight movies, the actor who played him can be a bit of an oddball.Jules has given her to blessing to Kristen's relationship with her personal assistant Alicia Cargile.

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