White label dating fake profiles


Trump-lovers looking for their perfect match are continuing to take L’s.Turns out the match-making website Trump Dating isn’t any less fake or catfish-y than its predecessor Trump Singles.Some of our members in top jobs take a fiendish delight in using the site to the max whilst not paying for membership ;-) Whilst the joy of getting something for nothing is not to be underestimated, paying members prefer to pay to cut out the hassle and get better service. We are aimed slightly more towards educated professionals than other sites.We don't want to say 'graduates' (although most members are) as this has a somewhat snobby/elitist feel to it ..may well be from the school of life and be our sort of a 'thinking' person.

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We can't give an accurate actual percentage success rate as lots of people just put their profiles 'on hold' and don't tell us why.

They even include sun signs and detailed job descriptions. Whoever took the time to make these is either really dedicated in their quest to catfish Trump supporters, or just thought it would be really funny to make a profile with a picture of Angela from Not only are so many profiles on the dating site fake, but the new homepage photo, which replaced an image featuring a convicted child rapist, is a stock photo frequently used on websites for dentists.

the landing page for https://t.co/uz IQeqezuk now features a new couple after original photo showed a man who was discovered to have child sex conviction pic.twitter.com/0z Hbaeob5s — J.

It’s amusing to think that anyone could come across these profiles and not realize how incredibly fake they are, but hey, sometimes the quest for love is truly blinding.

Jennifer Lawrence I am sorry about your dating life but please I want you to be happy join https://t.co/uz IQeqezuk and find your pro-Trump match today because when the political foundation is the same the sky is the limit pic.twitter.com/ay652q40Rg — J. Durkin (@jive Durkey) February 20, 2018 this one for Rebecca is good too because they couldn't even bother to take off the stock image water marks but alas ladies and gentlemen may I present "beautiful young adult white serious woman." pic.twitter.com/Wk VKV3VHj Y — J. Durkin (@jive Durkey) February 20, 2018You gotta give it up to the person who made these profiles, because some of them are pretty thoroughly filled out.

You can tell when a person last visited the site from their profile.

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