Where girls watch me masturbate


I'm a woman and I enjoying watching man masturbate immensely.

I love to receive videos or gifs, particularly when he's told me how he's thinking about me while doing it.

He doesn't really like the pain from that, more the fact that I have control and am doing what I like.

The psychology is much more important than the physics of it, for us at least.

For the women who do enjoy that, do you prefer watching recorded videos? Depending on the submissive person and what particular kinks do it for them, it could mean anything.

We've also gone through phases depending on what kinky shit we're doing at any one time and what I'm into in the moment.

A few women I dated briefly asked me to perform while they watched. I think they wanted me relaxed and satisfied, but weren't yet comfortable enough to get me off themselves.For us, a lot of it is less physical and more verbal.Since you seem more curious about the physical, I'm on top a lot.But it makes for fun times.)I hope you get to explore it.I wish I had tips on how to find someone, but truthfully, dominant females, especially young, attractive ones are in short supply, and we just got i can't really believe that someone wouldn't just go insane after 9-12 fucking sessions?However, I only want to watch these from the man I'm currently interested in! 95% of strangers watching you jack it on the net are gay men. She loves watching and actually cheers when I let it fly.

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