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But now the main problem I find is that the men left on this site truly WILL NOT MEET!No matter what you say, what you do, how much you text them or even talk on the phone first, they won't meet.It doesn’t stop everyone from asking if I’d turned myself into an escort by doing this. Most of these men genuinely date like on any other dating site for partners of more than the sexual variety.You’re still reading, so I’ll tell you about date No. He’s nine years my senior, in medical sales and not at all unattractive. The valet took my car, and M was waiting at the bar.The generous — who may be male or female, but are typically male — pay to participate in the entire process, including emailing the (generally female) attractives to set up dates.

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He asked me about my tattoo, I explained my compassionate, hippy message, and he talked about himself for the rest of the date. I’m a journalist, and that brings it out in anyone. Most of these men willingly pay for the dates and plan to do so often or always, but they don’t plan to pay the cash on top of it or give gifts of extravagance to maintain a relationship.

There are going to be a few duds, douches and detours along the way. But wouldn’t it all hurt less if you were compensated for the ones that didn’t work out? Sometimes, it takes a little incentive to win someone over.

This used to be a great site-- "used to" being the key words here.

WAY older than the age they put down, fat, bald, you name it!

But the way I look at it is, they are PAYING to be around a beautiful woman and that is truly the ONLY way they will EVER get to enjoy their company or be in an attractive woman's presence. And the ones who KNOW they are unattractive and aren't pretending they DESERVE a girl who looks like a model seem to grasp this.

Paying for dating gets everyone past many an obstacle, but it can’t fix bigotry.

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