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" From that it's easier to see that what we call a web-application is a system at a site on the web which takes input, acts on that input in a way that transforms it and produces output of value to some particular customer or user. To the owner of that site, the CMS is the web-application, but to the general public the same site may be seen as a simple brochure ( or 'website' ). generally a website contains static HTML pages and a web application performs some type of work.

For example, a website for a realtor may give information about the realtor, where a web application for the realtor may list current properties and manage the contact information for the realtor themselves.

Another distinction is along the subject matter lines.

If it's a line-of-business solution, then it's an app. Although technology-wise, it's more or less the same. Web site is a more anachronistic term that exists from the early days of the internet where the notion of a dynamic application that can respond to user input was much more limited and much less common.

Commercial websites started out largely as interactive brochures (with the notable exception of hotel/airline reservation sites).

Over time their functionality (and the supporting technologies) became more and more responsive and the line between an application that you install on your computer and one that exists in the cloud became more and more blurred.

The web application on the other hand is essentially a Websites are primarily informational. Web applications primarily allow the user to perform actions.

If you're just looking to express yourself clearly when speaking about what you're building, I would continue to describe something that is an interactive brochure or business card as a "web site" and something that actually *does something that feels more like an application as a web app.

The most basic distinction would be if a website has a supporting database that stores user data and modifies what the user sees based on some user specified criteria, then it's probably an app of some sort (although I would be reluctant to describe as a web app, even though it has a lot of very user-specific functionality).

A web application or Rich Internet Applications is a web site that does more than displaying content, it has a business logic.

It’s intended for Both are 'websites' ( sites on the web ).

So I would suggest that the question is easier to answer if worded in a different way.

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