Validating the genomic signature of pediatric septic shock kiss me dating agency


Datasets from microarray database were then cross-referenced with publications retrieved from Medline and Embase.

Only datasets published as full reports were included in the final analysis.

Sepsis is thought to be an abnormal inflammatory response to infection.

We also performed searches in public repositories of microarray datasets, including the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (Gene Expression Omnibus), the European Bioinformatics Institute (Array Express), and the Centre for Information Biology Gene Expression Database (CIBEX).

We extracted the signature gene list from each published report or from the accompanied data file in the journal websites.

Where available, results of functional analyses were also extracted.

We searched in Medline and Embase, without language restriction, all publications on gene-expression studies between January 1987 and October 2010.

In 1987 DNA array technology was first described, hence this year formed the starting point of our search [].

This model postulates that sepsis consists of an initial phase of systemic inflammatory response syndrome, followed by a later phase of compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome.

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