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This approach can be viewed as an extension of Resche-Rigon's method (Stat Med 2013), relaxing their assumptions regarding variance components and allowing imputation of linear and nonlinear predictors.

We illustrate our approach using a case study with IPD-MA of 13 studies to develop and validate a diagnostic prediction model for the presence of deep venous thrombosis.

However, a meaningful integrative approach to different lifestyles will be possible only if there is some clustering of individual health-related behaviors and if health-related behaviors have a minimum number of determinants in common.

This systematic review aims to identify to what extent the four health-related behaviors smoking, alcohol abuse, safe sex and healthy nutrition cluster; and how their determinants are associated.

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Besides, the direction in which health educators should look for a more efficient instructional design is indicated. Background: The current health care system faces increasing costs and demands while the presence of chronic conditions in the general populations is rising.

Throughout the ages, Eastern medicine systems have developed different views on health, disease, and resilience.

These systems generally focus more on health promotion and strengthening the self-healing properties of the body, and are, therefore, complementary to Western medical developments.

The method is applied to a large, synthetic data set.

The data set consists of P(d)P amplitudes and traveltimes.

A shift from disease fighting toward health promotion is needed to prevent these conditions and empower people to work on their own health.

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