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Further NESDIS only disseminates DCP data in raw form as it is received from the DCP with no post processing and is not responsible for the DCP's data content or its accuracy.

For further information concerning a specific DCP's data content, the secondary user should contact the DCP owner identified in the PDT record.

Occasionally, it may require more than one call to receive a CONNECT from these circuits.

Also from to hours Eastern time line usage on the system is generally the highest.

NOTE: If your data retrievals are at less than 48 hours intervals you should heed this caution.

Although every DCS user can receive data from any valid GOES Data Collection Platform (DCP) and view any DAPS Platform Data Table (PDT) record, only the DCP owner has access to change or update a DCP field entries.

it may force your modem to a lower data rate should local conditions warrant).

If you are experiencing problems with a specific DAPS COMMAND(s) or have questions concerning their application, first call the DAPS operators and describe the problem(s).

The SUBMIT command will not work unless the communication formats established between each computer are equivalent.

The requirements to access the DAPS National Weather Services (NWS) Telecommunications Gateway services circuit are not defined herein.

1.2 DAPS User Assistance and UIM Comments If you experience line connection problems with the Wallops CDA Station please contact the DCS operator/technicians on either (804) 824-3552 or (804) 824-3702.

If the problems are re-occurring by multiple users the operators have been instructed to notify the DCS systems manager and the DAPS project office for resolution and/or correction.

NOTE: All the COMMANDS described in Section 3.0 of this UIM have been tested by NESDIS.

Users are cautioned not to make their UNLs unnecessarily long - no greater than 100 DCP addresses per UNL is suggested.

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