Updating mac 10 4 11

I have in the past downloaded and installed an incompatible version, a situation to avoid for obvious reasons.

Bob Hunt Firefox notifies me that I'm not running the latest version (I have 3.6.24 GTB7.1) and to download the version compatible with my older system (Mac Tiger 10.4.11).

I click on that link and can find nothing that states what systems the version(s) there are compatible with.The first beta of OS X El Capitan was released to developers shortly following the 2015 WWDC keynote on June 8, 2015.Of these computers, the following models were equipped with 1GB RAM as the standard option on the base model when they were shipped originally.Mac users running OS X Mavericks and Yosemite will also find Security Update 2016-003 and an updated version of Safari available.) (version 10.11) is the twelfth major release of OS X (now named mac OS), Apple Inc.'s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers.They can only run OS X El Capitan if they have at least 2GB of RAM.

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