Updating evox


Faster Data Logging Speeds COBB Tuning has integrated higher speed Mode 23 data logging into Access TUNER as well the Access PORT.

Increasing data logging speed provides more data over a given period of time, increasing the resolution of the data.

2011 EVO X and Ralliart Support Access TUNER Race and Pro now support all USDM models of EVO X and Ralliart including the new 2011 models. Detailed instructions for obtaining and updating your new or current copy of Access TUNER are available below.

If you are currently using the Access PORT on your international or world-market EVO X, please refrain from using this update as it will remove functionality.If you missed the June 1st deadline, you can still earn a tee shirt!Anyone who raises at least 0 during the month of June will also receive a free tee shirt, thanks to an anonymous donor.You will be directed to a test site and prompted to perform a sound test by speaking into your phone and listening to a recoding of your voice to see if there is voice quality problem.If the voice is fine, then you know that your device and network is fine, and the problems you are having may be with the other caller.With faster logging, more intuitive menus and table layouts, this latest version of Access TUNER will make experienced and novice EVO tuners feel right at home.

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