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Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will use a list of 12 questions to assure that navigation equipment carried onboard complies with the relevant statutory certificates, the master and navigation officers are qualified and familiar with operation of bridge equipment, especially ECDIS, and that navigation equipment is properly maintained and functioning.

The list of 12 Questions can be downloaded HERE Additionally, to assist PCOs and Ship staff, IHO have issued a guidance document This document details the changes introduced in the set of revised IHO standards that relate to the carriage and operation of ECDIS July 2017 ​Almost three-quarters of cargo ships over 20,000 gross tonnage (GT) are already compliant with the SOLAS-mandated Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) deadline of 1st July 2017, according to the latest figures published by the May 2017 Changes introduced in Edition 4.0 of the IHO Presentation Library invalidate the tests contained in the ECDIS Data Presentation and Performance Checks which were specifically designed and developed for ECDIS using previous editions of the Presentation Library.

“Furthermore we have developed the ADMIRALTY ENC Maintenance Record (NP133C) to make official digital chart information easier to manage, inspect and audit” 18th May 2016 UKHO urges ship owners to upgrade to new digital chart standards The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has today reiterated its call for ship owners to upgrade to the latest ECDIS software standards, highlighting the significant benefits that the new IHO S-52 Presentation Library edition 4.0 will offer mariners, including greater consistency in the display of Electronic Nautical Charts (ENCs) and a reduction in the number of audible alarms on the bridge.

According to the UKHO, shipping companies have welcomed the recent announcement of a 12-month extension to the transition period for owners to switch to the new Presentation Library 4.0.

This inspection campaign will be held for three months, commencing from 1 September 2017 and ending 30 November 2017.

A ship will only be subject to one inspection under this CIC during the period of the campaign.

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Whatever the reason, the penalties can be severe, whether through the costs of a delayed onward voyage or the impact on an owner’s reputation of a failed SIRE inspection.However, upgrade requirements will vary from ship to ship, so the UKHO strongly encourages owners to take advantage of the new ECDIS Standards at the earliest opportunity, rather than waiting until the new deadline of 31 August 2017.Tom Mellor, the UKHO’s Head of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Support and Digital Standards and Chairman of the IHO’s ENC Working Group commented: “The UKHO is continuing to work with manufacturers to ensure that users can experience the full benefit of the latest software standards.The upgrade applies to the Presentation Library, which governs how the ENC data is displayed on the ECDIS screen, not the data itself.” Source: UKHO The number one complaint from mariners on ECDIS was the number of alarms generated.The IHO has taken this on board with the latest Presentation Library (version 4.0) which addresses this issue.“The good news is that there is plenty of guidance and support available for owners from ECDIS manufacturers and ECDIS training providers.

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