Updating database from jtable


This article doesn't go very deeply into databases.However, you might find it useful to understand a little about them.The first page displays products and lets users select one to change.The second page lets the users actually make the edits and save them. In the first page, users select a record to delete.

Here are examples of some SQL commands and what they do: commands don't return result sets.The database software (such as SQL Server) supports powerful commands that let you dynamically establish relationships between the tables.For example, you can use the relational database to establish a logical relationship between students and classes in order to create a schedule.(If you keep data in a centrally managed version of SQL Server, such as on a hosting provider's site, you always use a connection string to specify the database connection information.) In Web Matrix, connection strings are usually stored in an XML file named .(The username and password values are not necessarily the same as your Windows credentials or as the values that your hosting provider has given you for logging in to their servers.This article describes how to use Microsoft Web Matrix tools to create a database in an ASP.

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