Thoughts that keep us from dating


I need not reply to the questions and comments about me, but here I am.

I am not at all interested in women, hence I have chosen to remain single.

say if ur not caught but u catch ur wife enjoying with other man? wud u stop her or let her enjoy and u also enjoy ur way? and hw come u as man can have lot of desires and ur wife cannot? I have called you an MCP based on what you have stated here - i.e.

It's funny to call it a right to satisfy your homosexual urge after getting married.

Spmebody has compared bi-men keeping their sexuality secret from wife with all gay men keeping it out from their parents and relatives.

coz she also stil maybe taking care of family i ngood way.. and how u say she doesnot need as u satisfy her in allways..?? you are free to have a sexual relationship outside marriage, but not your wife.

You have substantiated my reasoning in the second paragraph of your post.

- About two weeks ago she TUI'ed me (texted me under the influence) with silly messages like "OMG I am gonna die! I was thinking about texting her saying I have an extra ticket to a movie Wednesday night and see if she wants to go. Then the women at work all started giving me the cold shoulder.

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