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” In this article, we look at some up-to-date crime statistics and some recommended expat safety tips.

Crime and safety is a major concern of expats and was included in our list of 11 downsides to living in Medellín.

La Candelaria (El Centro) in Medellín remains the most dangerous comuna in the city.

In El Centro, there were 103 homicide cases in 2017, five more than in 2016.

I frequently hear questions like “Is Medellín safe? ”, “What is the chance I will be kidnapped when I visit?In the over seven years I have lived in Medellín, a majority of the foreigner homicides in the city tend to be reported in the news that the victims resisted a robbery or were involved in shady activities such as drugs and prostitution.These foreigner homicides over the past decade occurred all over the metro area and in seven of the 10 municipalities in the Aburrá Valley.Medellín still has a reputation of violence and drugs to overcome that hasn’t been helped by the popular Narcos series.What many people don’t realize is the timeframe depicted in Narcos was well over 25 years ago and that Pablo Escobar is long dead and buried.In regards to the manner of homicide, 29 were perpetrated with a firearm, 12 with a knife, 4 by asphyxiation, 2 by dismemberment, 2 with a blunt object and one by poisoning.

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