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Our pulpits will be filled with other preachers and our pews with other listeners.But there is still another and more serious thought which comes to us and that is this: What an immense power, I mean immense mortal power there is, even in a congregation of this size.Next Monday morning work will be begun on a tabernacle which will seat about 1800 people. Every singer in Rochester is invited to join the great chorus choir which will number about 250 voices. [Rochester Sentinel, Wednesday, September 9, 1908] BUILDING THE TABERNACLE The building of Gospel Tabernacle just west of the Methodist church is creating much interest. All members of churches interested in this meeting will bring their envelopes and put them in the contribution plates just as they would at their own churches. He insisted that there must be a whole hearted consecration to God.The tabernacle will be located on the lot in front of the Hospital and of course will be a temporary structure. The meetings will have as leader of the singing a trained chorus leader and talented singer, the Rev. Climbing over the building and weilding hammer and saw are three prominent pastors, Dr. The arrangements of the Tabernacle are surprisingly complete and comfortable. He quoted examples from the lives of many of the Bible characters to prove that the great men, those who had accomplished great things, had been men of prayer.Another purpose of the building, according to the plans of the builders, will be the holding of political meetings there during October and first week of November. The plan was to be ready Friday 11th but the date for the first meeting has been changed to next Saturday the 13th.

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[The News-Sentinel, Saturday, May 2, 1930] TABER, STEPHEN C.He is argumentative and convincng in his utterances and it is believed that he will accomplish a great work in this community. His work is more in line with the afternoon meetings and looking after the boys, girls and children. [Rochester Sentinel, Monday, September 14, 1908] SOME HARD HITS A very large and inspiring audience gathered at the Tabernacle Monday night, to hear the gospel in song and story.He is such a pleasant and sociable gentleman that he can not fail in the work he has in hand. Usually that night is an off time for revival work, was not so in this instance.It is our refuge to trouble, our strength in weakness, our armor in battle.It is our comfort in sorrow, it is the wings by which we fly to God, a ladder for our feet in climbing to the sky.He spoke of the great need of a revival and the conditions which would bring it about.

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