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Please help create a positive, friendly, and welcoming environment.

Be Respectful Treat others with the same respect that you expect from them.

Verbal or physical harassment, gossip, contemptuous speech, or unwelcome touching, romantic or sexual advances are not acceptable forms of behavior.

It is important that this group is a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.

Fun, Feisty and Over 50 promotes positive participation where members can enjoy activities in a relaxed, "non-pickup-scene" social environment. This is a group where people new make friends, so a good picture of your face in your profile will help everyone find you at an event and remember you.

It's our intent to create an open, supportive, and encouraging environment and in the process, build solid, lasting friendships. It's especially helpful for events hosts to watch for newcomers who attend the activity.

Members who engage in negative or inappropriate behaviors may be removed from the group at the leadership team's discretion.

Members who are the recipients of this bad behavior are encouraged to report incidents to the Meetup Organizer, Annette W., or Candy L.

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Be Kind This goes a long way towards making this a great experience.And because of this northern European influence, we tend to drop the “th” and replace it with a “d” – creating words like dis, dat, dem, dere, dese or dose.Here’s one that I’m not really a fan of, but that you hear often around here, and especially at a greasy spoon dinner.If you are looking for a welcoming and energetic group, you are invited to join us!! Instructions are here, after you become a member of our group.https:// attend a minimum of one (1) event in 6 months because the main purpose of these groups is to MEET UP!This money goes towards the site fee and other costs as needed.*No Show Policy - Nobody likes to be stood up and it is inconsiderate to not show up for an event that you RSVP'd YES to.

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