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Drinks and conversation while you learn a new skill?

It could be the last M&S Dine in For Two you ever eat alone. Admission: €70Of course you could go the traditional Dubliner route and seek out a drinking establishment for a little harmless necking, without the single set up, in which case we also have you sorted.

Check out our top 5 spots for getting The Shift here.

Leaving the confines of school or university, or moving to a new city often poses problems for people looking to make new friends as adults.

As with all singles events, expect those parameters to be slightly elastic.

Does earning €40k mean you’re guaranteed to be interested in one of the other 10 here?

He ended up coming up with his own solution, which stole inspiration from the dating world.

His idea, speed-friending, works much in the same way as speed-dating does.

Aprés chats and drinks, the night continues in a second venue, only revealed on the night.

From personality types to modern dating tools, such as Tinder , these free evenings are all about learning how to up your dating game.

You never know, Mr/Miss Right or even Mr/Miss Right Now could be in the room with you as you get to grips with the modern day dating game. Admission: Free On the first Saturday of each month a small group of professional singles (that’s singles that are professionals not professionally single people) gather in the Russell Court Hotel for a little lively debate, finger food and cocktails.

Although a date is lovely please be aware that we are coming together to practice the principles of loving human connection , so honour each person you come into contact with, and practice integrity, love and depth of feeling, remembering we are all TRULY ONE…SO in a room filled, all that is can get to connect with itself over and over again, speedily of course.

We want to mention that our lovely beautiful friends at Cornucopia, have kindly offered us a free meal for two for the first four dates that contact us after the event; so when we inform you of your matches by email, if you’re interested and arrange a date lets us know and we will fix you up with a romantic meal for two in Cornucopia.

They all sound like the ingredients that might ignite a spark, right?

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