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Then I just pick a color and that partner will be the rotating one.

You continue to do this until you either run out of time or they get back to where they started. It promotes collaborative learning in your class 2. You don't have to continuously check answers and answer questions 4.

Students are responsible for their own understanding Here are some pictures of my class doing this.

Last week at the monthly high school staff meeting, the entire hour was dedicated as an opportunity to reflect and share second semester work with colleagues from other departments.

The commitments ranged from using technology (Desmos, Quizlet Live, Ed Puzzle, etc.) to more traditional strategies such as fist to five, movement, and collaborative grouping.

These men, began thinking about better government leaderships long before America became what it is today.

The speed dating event was set up as a time for teachers to share their results cross departmentally.

The instructional technology coaches had tables of 16 set up in a large multipurpose room with seats labeled by subject areas.

I sat in on “dates” and heard teachers explain how they had used Schoology rubrics and Garage Band, Classkick and Peardeck.

By hearing these short summaries, staff were able to learn about a wide variety of tools from others outside their department in a short period of time.

All teachers shared their commitment and the results in the form of an initial and follow up post on a Padlet wall.

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