Sophos endpoint configure updating

Check that this computer is connected to the network and that Sophos Auto Update is configured to update from the correct location with the correct credentials and proxy details.The server is able to browse to and access anything in the share if you open it by Windows Explorer. If we copy the update files to the server itself and tell it to update from the folder they are in, it updates without a problem.We have Sophos Enterprise for our Antivirus solution.It is installed and working perfectly on all of our computers and servers except for one.The issue arises from it attempting to download and install updates.It returns an error saying that it could not contact the server. Error 1: Could not add a connection to server \servername\Sophos Update; user servername\Sophos Update Mgr; Windows error 487 Error 2: Could not connect to the server.Users on Android devices see a prompt to "check your permissions" when authenticating to a protected resource via the Duo Prompt.Duo uses the API access you granted in Sophos Mobile to verify device information.

The Device Insight and Endpoints pages in the Duo Admin Panel show which access devices are trusted/managed.

After selecting the Duo Device Authentication certificate and completing authentication, subsequent Duo authentications from the same device will automatically use that same certificate for verification.

Deleting a trusted endpoints management tool integration from the Duo Admin Panel immediately invalidates issued Duo device authentication certificates.

We have tried using different credentials to access the share during the update as well.

We can create a new share on a completely different computer or server and point it to there for the updates and it then claims it cannot connect to that server or computer.

Duo verifies the trusted status of i OS devices by checking for the presence of a Duo device certificate.

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