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On Tuesday, Skye once again took to Instagram wit yet another busty snap, this time to promote protein powder.

Posing in a two-piece crop-top and leggings set, the blonde starlet showcased her whittled waist and busty assets as she posed with the product in clear view.

In the latest clip uploaded by the blogger, she claims 'nobody wants to get old', after sharing tips to 'stay youthful and beautiful for as long as you possibly can.' 'I don't want to age. Her next step was a micro cream deep scrub, which she praises as being 'like an at-home microdermabrasion.' Her last three products help her target her areas of 'concern', as she uses a light moisturizer, which is great for 'fine lines and wrinkles' and 'plumping up the skin.'An eye cream is then used by the Instagram star as it 'helps with dark circles...

and fine lines and wrinkles as you start to lose elasticity in your skin.'Finishing her 10-step routine with another collagen product, she adds: 'I recommend this to anyone who is concerned about fine lines and wrinkles or ageing.' At the end of the video Skye busts into an impromptu singing performance asking viewers to subscribe to her fan club.

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'Feeding the bod that protein,' she wrote in the caption.

The former Big Brother star has openly admitted to altering her appearance by undergoing numerous cosmetic enhancement procedures. The bubbly blonde admits early in the video: 'As I had gotten older I just felt like I needed more steps in my skin regime to kind of help the things that I'm getting concerned about as I get older.'Her first three steps include removing all makeup from the skin, using a gel cleanser that 'bloody refreshes' and applying a collagen mask once a week.

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Skye recently revealed her desperation to remain youthful-looking, having even resorted to anti-ageing routines at the age of 23. The former 2014 Big Brother star has openly admitted to altering her appearance by undergoing numerous cosmetic enhancement procedures, including having her breast, nose and lips cosmetically altered My, how you've changed! Skye says the mask is used to 'plump and hydrate the skin', and added: 'This is pretty much like getting botox.

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