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CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in this country, half among young people aged 15-24, and account for almost billion in health care costs…” CDC reported over 1.5 million cases of Chiamydia in 2015, a rate of about 480 per 100,000 people; an increase of 6% since 2014.There were about 400,000 cases of Gonorrhea; or 124 per 100,000 and an increase of 13% from 2014.Countries outside of Spain totaled 153,831 pilgrims (55%).The country with the largest number of pilgrims is Italy, with 23,973 (16%).

About 13% (or about 1 in 8 people, or 156,300 people total) don’t know they’re infected.

I suspect that the majority of those who did a Camino in 2016 did not do it because it was a Holy Year, as there are motivations beyond religious.

Here’s a closer look at the numbers with the traditional Holy Years highlighted in red. I heard that the Holy Years could be extremely crowded on the Camino for the guarantee of Plenary Indulgence.

Notice that the Camino Francés slightly declined while the Camino Portugués increased last year. Learn more about selecting a Camino route and read actual route reports.

Below is the chart of Compostelas by month from the Pilgrim Office in Santiago.

Repeat outbreaks of genital herpes are common, especially during the first year after infection.

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