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Instead, you pay an annual advisory fee of 0.50% on the account balance, divided into a fee that is charged quarterly.

Customers who link an There are also management fees and other expenses associated with the ETFs in your portfolio (as explained in each ETF’s prospectus in the fees and expense section).account, you can activate the satisfaction guarantee within 90 days of your portfolio being invested.

Customers who link an Through Wells Fargo Transfer & Pay, you can access any checking or savings account to make a one-time transfer or set up recurring automatic transfers.

Once you open an account and your portfolio is invested, you have full online access to the list of ETFs (including ticker symbols, allocation percentages, and historical performance) included in your portfolio.account requires an initial investment of ,000, funded within 90 days.

To keep your Membership active you need to log in and use your time.

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We’ll refund all advisory fees accrued during this period, and we’ll also waive any outgoing account transfer and IRA termination fees.

These fees and expenses vary among individual ETFs, but the combined cost of all ETFs held in each Your recommended portfolio will be comprised of 8 – 14 ETFs.

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