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" Over 20,000 cards are available and your order ships the next business day! It's so much fun to see the delight on people's faces when they get their personalized card.Many have told me they save them all and enjoy looking back at them.You will be tested and challenged You’ve chosen a life that few can understand with the reward of making a difference Congratulations on your graduation and Best wishes for your career ahead!A cute Baby Girl asleep on pink clouds is the feature of this endearing baby card congratulating the birth of a new arrival.

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Two overlapping golden wedding rings represent the Bride (with a diamond atop) and the groom on this uniquely designed card.

Each ring has either the word "Mr." or Mrs." hand lettered within, with a long stem red rose acting as the dot following each word. More of my cards at Congratulate the two grooms on their union by choosing this masculine double tuxedo Circle of Love wedding congratulations in black and silver for a classic look.

In the area of overlap a tiny red heart signifies the love this couple feels. With special thanks to Petr Kratochvil and Penywise for the use of their elements in this design.

Painted in soft pinks with a touch of blue, the baby is surrounded by tiny flowers.

A beautify card and sentiment for two women getting married.

Can't sleep, or just looking for some midnight fun?

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