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The three billboards are painted red with copy in big black letters: RAPED AND KILLED, AND STILL NO ARRESTS? He informs Chief Willoughby (Harrelson) who goes ballistic but after asking Mildred politely to remove the billboards, he confesses that he has pancreatic cancer and he doesn’t want his family to have to deal with another unpleasant thing.It turns out Willoughby is actually a decent sort who is trying his damndest to solve the case but there simply isn’t enough evidence.Yelina begins dating Horatio's nemesis, Rick Stetler who also happens to be heading up the IA inquiry.Mallory Jacobs is driving and talking on her cell phone when a cop car behind her signals her to pull over.

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However, the sense that the town is much smaller than it appears to be lingers throughout.The acting in this movie is nothing short of astonishing.Three cast members received Oscar nominations – Mc Dormand, Rockwell and Harrelson – and there easily could have been more.To make things worse, the spot where her daughter spent her last tortured minutes was on the site of three dilapidated billboards near enough to Mildred’s house that she must drive past them every time she leaves the house, where she can see the burn mark where her daughter gasped her last. She has to do something, to help her little girl get justice.So she marches into the ad agency that services the billboards and plops down five thousand bucks for the first month of a year-long rental. Deputy Dixon (Rockwell), a drunken and violent racist creep who’d much rather be arresting black folks, is the first to see the messages.While it is Mc Dormand’s movie, it is not hers alone.

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