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He's got a whole lot going on in his own life, but she might just be the ray of sunshine he needs.Hiccstrid that has been liberally sprinkled with Pervstrid Viggo is gone, the Edge is being rebuilt and with no enemies on the horizon, life is good. The Hunters were defeated and everything seemed perfect. Hook/Princess Emma Hiccup and Astrid are getting married!A rush of memories floods her and she remembers being there with him at the age of 16! By the will of the gods, 16 year old Astrid gets trapped in her 19 year old body.

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Will the team save them in time or will they be able to work together to save themselves? Rated M mainly for violence.26 one-shots on the life and love of Gray and Juvia. But then an accident happened to Hiccup that made him lose the memory of the past 3 years, all he remembered was the day before he shot Toothless down. Captured by ruthless pirates and miles from home, she is subject to the mercy of the handsome and dangerous Captain Hook. Tribal tradition and personalities clash as the big day approaches... A collection of drabbles highlighting Emma and Killian's struggle to navigate through 21st century dating. While her love for Hiccup continues to grow, no longer suppressed as it had been, Astrid fears that this time, things will be different. And will she catch up to the future she experienced? Sequel to Thor Help Her."Dany hadn't known what to expect when she met the famed White Wolf, The King in the North, slayer of White Walkers, former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who united the Wildlings and defeated the Bolton army—a man who had faced Death and returned victorious. Domestic bliss was a concept that was completely alien to Sherlock Holmes. Of course, like most false senses of security, they're short-lived. Getting back to Storybrooke is just the beginning, as the two end up in a battle against evil, and a reckoning with fate that force them both to face their own demons. To add to that, mysterious Dragon Riders are attacking the villages in the Barbaric Archipelago.

Hearing enough, Hiccup takes off before Astrid can stop him.

Later that night, she sneaks into his bedroom to set the record straight.

Can they save the world as they know it and what does that mean for our favorite couples. Post season 6/ADWD, marked as completed but might update at some point in the future?

A very confused 19 year old Astrid wakes up in the arms of her boyfriend, feeling the signs of a night of very passionate love-making in her sore body.

This taller, bolder Hiccup captivates her like she never thought he could, making it impossible to resist his advances... Kylo Ren is Bound to Rey and hides from her, never revealing himself, quietly driving himself mad with her light. He believes in the law of the jungle, in the lions of the Serengeti and the wolves of North America. There's knowing when you've found your match and not letting anything stand in your way...because Blakes fight dirty to get what they want. Way too much information there, Sparky." Zutara Inspired by a photo on Spoilertv of our favorite Grimm and former hexenbiest looking rather cozy and flirtatious together in the next episode, despite the bomb that was dropped on us in 5.6. However, Moriarty is back and Sherlock isn't his first target. Captain Jack Harkness was once a Companion of the Doctor.

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