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“Good.”“Love you, sis.”“Love you too.”Two hours later, Harlow had scored the last standby seat on a flight to Denver. Like reminding her of the first time she’d seen one gruff cowboy named Hugh Pritchett. She did not want to think about him or that summer. Not only does Renner worship you—he stands up for you.”“And my baby daddy is also one hot cowboy who fills out a pair of Wranglers to perfection.”“Also true. Let’s walk down to the barn so you can say hello to him before you sack out.”The steep decline had Harlow gripping Tierney’s arm in case her pregnant sister lost her footing.

After boarding the plane and taking her seat—next to the bathroom in the last row—she slipped on her noise-canceling headphones and closed her eyes, hoping Michael Bublé’s smooth vocals would soothe her ragged thoughts. But her brain had already rewound the clock and the memories rushed back . No surprise that Renner met them at the bottom of the hill, his assessing gaze on his wife.

” Tierney prompted.“Not since I’m here on sabbatical.”“Do you think you’ll get to Denver tonight? Not only was it better ecologically; it showcased the uniqueness of the vegetation rather than using sod to cover up the natural beauty. The cozy space was all Tierney: elegant without being fussy. I would’ve been fine with a camp cot and a beanbag chair.”Tierney sniffed like she didn’t believe her. But he claims the biggest reason he won’t cut him out of our life is because of me.

Prologue She resisted the urge to leave at the crack of dawn the morning after. She hugged her sister and said good-bye to the friends she’d made these past four months. He worried the stress would put me into labor the second he wasn’t around.”“It’s a valid concern.” Harlow ignored the way her stomach jumped at the mere mention of the man’s name.“Where are you? ”“Don’t you want to see where you’ll be working first? I drove straight through, so I’m seriously close to going comatose.”Tierney’s gaze sharpened. ”“Just for gas and more energy drinks.” Harlow squeezed Tierney’s hand and felt her anxiety lessening a little.“Good thing I didn’t plan a big ‘Welcome to Wyoming’ meal for you later tonight.”“Very lucky for me, since you’re a horrible cook.”“I’m better than I used to be.”Harlow raised both eyebrows.“Okay, fine, Renner does most of the cooking.”“Where is my handsome brother-in-law?

Hugh thinks she’s nothing but a spoiled rich girl, and he’s had enough of that life with his ex-wife.

Harlow thinks Hugh is an ill-mannered trouble-maker who wouldn't know fun if it bit him on his tight denim-clad butt.

This open floor plan home on approximately 1/2 acre lot boasts four living areas, office, game room, media room & mudroom. This house has been listed on Redfin since August 04, 2016 and is currently priced at 9,000.

Chef's kitchen amenities include granite counters, dual islands, circular breakfast bar, butler's pantry, stainless steel appliances. Office with built-ins has separate exterior entrance. Master down with wall of windows, amazing bathroom including jet tub, huge tiled shower and giant walk-in closet. The price of 3438 Denver Ave has decreased ,000 during that time. Nearby schools include First Baptist School, Cathedral Of The Palms Christian School and St Patrick School.

Nearby coffee shops include Hester's Cafe Lamar Park, Sugarbakers and Starbucks.

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