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*Update on Sexter making trouble in SF *Johnny PUA Hater Asks about my "relationship" with Fader from LS *Casanova Crew in 10 Years?*Backstabbing wings and their motives *Club promoting In and outs and what have you's.-is the pua scene oversaturated and pretty much dead?-CCLA team lead khan getting kidney transplant -cc member lied about getting laid and is still a virgin -secrets on how gurus market to you; how to watch out for spam -summit bomed -rival lair commercial lair -speer and vince -taking things in a new direction -casanovafest -dope and schad drama; trolls in general BONUS SEGMENT At THE End: Exclusive JTR Fatty Confessional!

The popularity of PUA Hate Does he REALLY hate PUA's?UPAC Long time Religious listeners Spill my guts out Ross Jeffries Unstoppable Confidence Which Companies Make Money? 3 toughest guys in PUA Hypnotica vs Ross jeffries Why the return to capt hooks Vince kelvin reconciliation Next event UPAC 2014 Speer Assasination attempt Redman and and Maven video with bouncer Die in the highway One of the top coaches RSD Summit Canada PUA Cash outed Decibel gets married/has a kid Poorman, and Adam Corola Steamroller of PUA Sarging summer 2014 JTR's true age Sirens True Age Too old to sarge? -The film called "Sinister" with Ethan Hawke -KIDS killing their parents in Harmony. *Ninjah was Afraid and Confused By Manipulation Tactics and Coercion. *Khan falls in love with his kidney donor *Mystery can't get into the USA *Khan hates Elizabeth Everett *Neil Strauss appears at UPAC to replace Mystery *Khan the muslin Indian was ashamed of his sexuality *Props to Rico Neils asst.Mysterys first public talk in 5 years Matador helped Canada PUA Scene Wannabes Youtube PUA stars Casanova crew status DEAD? Erika Awakening vs Mark Manson masterbatring to JTR show Tease end Nicholaus fate Spinoff sites puapill puaslut Listen Here: JTR#59! -Kiosk life -Companies try to copy cat Casanova Crew? -Going to the movies alone and eating pupusas; Salvador food -apologies to past guests for clowning sound effects? *Day game at Abortion Clinics and other weird sagging places. *Tyler Dudens controversial speech/tells audience members they have stupid questions *Early So Cal seminars *Why Ross Jeffries and AFC Adam didn't speak.Nicholaus and JTR debate whether or not PUA works Childhood truama Nicholaus's dad is a regular Joe Jackson Nicholaus explains his friendship with JTR behind the scenes Why JTR quit doing his show Does Nicholaus know Monstar's true identity? Junkyface, Dot Cotton, Lucifer, 230, Lefty aka Johnny Secret PUA Hate forum section PUA Hate name change in the works Gurus demand to have their pictures taken off the site Future of PUA Hate Where's Superjoint Ritual Nicholaus ask about CC's Hydro PUA Comic vs Hypnotica J The Ripper Show #48 Show Finale Pt.1 *Why this might be my final show *Fucking ugly girls is ok when they look like crack addicts *Jerking off to girls at work *Bad business deals, jaded to the community, politics and bullshit *Year in Review *Getting Oneitis while being in the game.*What the show was really intended to do *The future of the "PUA Scene" *Status of other lairs *Who's the bestest PUA I ever saw?November 7th 2012 Classic and Rare Interviews with Simple Pick-Up King Kong and Jessy "Jackett" Listen Here: People have been asking me to re-up the old Jessy interview from 2010 JTR#4, which I thought was lost when I switched servers and I couldn't find anyone who had downloaded it. -Rat Pack -,000 a month rent for Pro Ho LOL -PUA Industry is in the shitter --J The Ripper getting recognized out in Public around So Cal -Chez brought JTR back from the dead and Ghostbuster -Pressure to do more shows. -Memories of Khan -Don't be a podcast mooching pussy! *Gaming FOBs is like talking to a 3 year old *Day game at Holocaust Survivor Meetup groups. *Guru's expand into other arms of the internet marketing world *Gay TR is a scumbag who torrented all his PUA shit *Torrents/illegal downloading *RSD Foundations *Old school Tyler shows up to UPAC *CC Misses Marni the Wing Girl *Khan is in therapy *Elizabeth and Khans long storied feud at UPAC *Brad P's Contraversial and Shocking Presentation *Hydro Joins In *Hydro Breaks Down JTR's Horrible OKCupid Profile *UPAC Smash Hit *CCOG Reunion *Csanova Crew part of So Cal pop culture *Wishing VK well after his heart attacks *Real or Fake?

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