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Children are seen in a separate, child-friendly area by pediatric emergency physicians, pediatricians, and nurses.

Pediatric patients who require advanced specialty care will be transferred to our Upper East Side location.

By providing play therapy, distraction, emotional support and coping techniques, we enable our young patients to feel more comfortable and enable their medical care and healing.

Our Pediatric Emergency Medicine sub-specialists also care for children at New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital (Enter the Pediatric ER at 83 Gold Street), a full-service 24-hour Pediatric Emergency Department.

The Pediatric Emergency Service now offers Pediatric On Demand Urgent Care (Telehealth) from 6pm - midnight, seven days a week.

Telehealth is a quick, convenient way to connect with one of our Pediatric Emergency Medicine doctors via a Secure Online Video Chat to get an instant examination, diagnosis, and treatment or referral for you or your child.

When you first arrive, you and your child will be seen by the triage nurse who is specially trained to take care of children in the Emergency Service.

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Your child will also be seen by an attending physician, who is a medical doctor who is trained to care for children with emergencies.

We offer you and your child: If you are concerned about your child's health, you may come to the Pediatric Emergency Service at any time without an appointment.

You do not have to call the emergency department before you come.

Those children with the most serious illnesses and injuries will usually be given priority.

A child life specialist is available during the early evening to offer activities, answer questions, and help keep you informed.

If you notice that your child is getting sicker or is in more pain, tell the triage nurse right away.

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