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Perhaps you are bothered by how small things start out for you.

The Holy Spirit through the prophet Zechariah gives us much needed counsel in Zechariah . It really reads, “the small.” We are not to despise “the small” in our lives. The small outreach team, the small response from the lost in evangelism, the small Bible study, the small contribution in preparing a meal for the sick, the small tithes/ offerings, the small investment in your family, the small response from your teen-age child, the small or limited opportunities you have to be around the Body of Christ because you’re busy in God’s calling for you as a wife or mother.

She earned her first bachelor's degree in business administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Her second bachelor's degree in Missions was from Maryland Bible College and Seminary.

Unfortunately, Daddy doesn't survive the night and Dylan must do the unthinkable for Sookie.

Now alone, they hit the road in search of safety where they may just discover true friendship and possible first love.

Winning project 2013: Brma Paemnebi/Blind dates, Dir.

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Karen is a women's bible study teacher and an investor in women.

She has traveled to numerous countries on short-term missions trips and loves to actively engage in sharing her faith both here and abroad.

Sookie, 15, tough, gun toting is on the road with her sick father after surviving a near future apocalyptic event.

We can never measure the value of getting to know the character and nature of God in our service and in our affliction. Is it not for those who have imparted righteousness, who are rightly related to grace, who are walking with the Lord, trusting in Him and not leaning on their own understanding? Those who have imparted righteousness can confidently declare that the end of the matter, the outcome of their trial, the outcome of living by faith will be better! Job 8:7 says, “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.” How true this was for God’s servant, Job, for we see in Job 42:1-2 the double portion that Job received at the end of his trial.

How true this was for Ruth, as Love lifted her out of an incestuous line into the royal line of King David from which Christ came.

How true this was for Esther, who was prepared by the Holy Spirit in a place of obscurity for her moment in history.

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