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The choice is yours - Do-it-Yourself or use our economical hosting services.The hosting services we provide are clear and to the point.You can use your own wireless data account or high-speed network connection.Every Work Zone Cam construction camera system is equipped with an Ethernet port (RJ-45 network jack) and we will configure your state of the art camera system to work with your existing cellular carrier or network connection.For Logitech’s Circle cameras, you get 1-day access free, plus there are .99/mo and .99/mo options.Those provide 14-day and 31-day history, respectively.An example of a CAM Lease clause follows COMMON AREA MAINTENANCE EXPENSES (CAM): Common Area Maintenance (CAM) shall include but not be limited to maintenance, repair, replacement and care of all lighting, plumbing, roofs, parking surfaces, landscaped areas, signs, snow removal, non-structural repair and maintenance of the exterior of the Building, costs of equipment purchased and used for such purposes, cleaning and cleaning supplies for the common areas, insurance premiums for insurance required by this Lease, management fee up to five percent (5%) of gross collected rents, and wages and fringe benefits of personnel up to the level of property manager or equivalent employed for such work.Additionally, during the Term of this Lease, any extension and/or renewal of this Lease, CAM expenses shall include the annual cost or portion allocable to the Building of any capital improvements made to the Building by Landlord which result in a reduction of expenses or required under any governmental law or regulation that was not applicable at the time it was constructed.

Once you have that new update, you’ll head into the Nest app, opening settings and then look for the “Add Google Assistant” option.

Nest announced today that thanks to a new addition to the Nest Aware line-up of subscription plans, it’s no longer so expensive to get a bit of access to your home security cameras’ history.

Additionally, if you own a Nest Cam IQ, it’s now powered by Google Assistant.

The affordable Work Zone Cam service brings you high quality technology and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Additional benefits include: Work Zone Cam delivers the fastest 4G wireless cellular services available.

The Work Zone Cam team is committed to being the best no-frills service provider in the industry.

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