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Be attentive Be very respectful Respect is something that is taken seriously among the Yoruba people especially when it comes to relationships and marriage.A wife must respect her husband both in public and in private.And if you don’t know how to cook, he will be embarrassed.His family will not even allow you to marry him and if you are married already, well good luck to you because you will not find it easy with his family members.Be easy going, don’t be a troublemaker Most men don’t appreciate troublemakers.So don’t make troubles with him even if he is wrong.You must show him respect in the way you speak to him especially when you are speaking with him in the Yoruba language.Also, you always have to kneel down when you greet him although most Yoruba men don’t require their women to kneel down when greeting them these days.

Learn to cook or improve your cooking skills Yoruba woman cooking It will be very difficult for a lady who cannot cook to keep a Yoruba man for so many reasons.

Do makeup every day Do not be lazy Most typical Yoruba men believe that a wife must always do all the house chores especially cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.

So if you are lazy or you don’t like doing house chores, it will be very difficult to keep a Yoruba man.

Keep your place tidy and clean Another quality you must possess to keep a Yoruba man is cleanliness.

Most Yoruba men cannot stand a woman who is not clean and tidy.

Tips on how to keep a Yoruba man You might not need to do some old practices like having to kneel down to give him his food, call him sir, etc.

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