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It's always been cool not to care, but I'd venture to call our current attitude something like acutely blasé.And here's what really grinds my gears: Generally speaking, we're a bunch of good people—running around not being good to each other. With something as important as our hearts on the line, why shouldn't we feel?I've rounded up my best ideas for how to treat her to something thoughtful, whether it's a shared meal, a special piece of jewelry or all the fixings for a family happy hour.and more) are decidedly not feminine and definitely not sexy.

I usually keep things low key with a phone call to my mom or a card if I'm feeling really plan-y.At this point neither of my parents really want or need more things—but that doesn't mean a great gift is without merit.I would imagine many of your folks might be the same way, in that sentiment goes a lot farther than a scented candle towards showing how much they mean to you.No, that's not what my mother told me in high school.That's what one of my editors told me over lunch after my third marriage ended. Since then, I've joined Tinder, quit Tinder, joined it again—and dated more than I have in years.

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