Nadech and yaya dating 2016


But knowing that onscreen Makino and Domyouji got their happy ending in real life is one of those shipper epic fantasies so the excitement over then is all too understandable.

Things have been weird for the last year after rumors that Mao and Jun would get married in early 2016 after she finished her Taiga dorama came and went, and recently there were tabloid reports claiming Jun had been cheating on Mao for a few years with AV actress Tsukasa Aoi.

Neither said responded to both sets of rumors but this week Mao swung a small stick and make a big mark with her responses to a reporter’s questions on dating and her acting career.

When Mao was approached by a reporter outside her home this week, she took a few questions including whether she was planning to retire since she changed agencies last year after finishing her Taiga and since then hasn’t done an acting project.

Nadech nods shyly while his ears turn red, a good indication of a humble man who’s unsure of how to take the compliment? The host pipes in that her life revolves around Nadech. Not to the level of being boyfriend-girlfriend, Nadech responds.Chompoo wonders how Yaya’s life has changed since Nadech entered it?Yaya says it’s changed for the better (hee) because in this world, there’s no man out there like this man (touches Nadech’s shoulder.) The crowd squeals.The host refers to a time when Nadech used to say that he would marry by 28, and with a smile, Nadech accounts that ‘we can say 28 is a good year to be married, but as some of us have experienced, we end up marrying at 35.” Hee. Yaya chimes in that she has lots of ideas for plan B, but specifically she’d like to continue her education in psychology and be an advisor, whether at a school or a corporate setting.Nadech has lots of ideas too, and Chompoo pipes in that she heard he’s interested in creating an institute, maybe even a Nadech-Yaya Foundation. Nadech smiles and answers that he would like to create a small institute for children who live in the countryside.One of the hosts decides to take the question to the moms: is your son/daughter in law someone like these two? Yaya tells them that there’s no need to ask her mom, because her mom would side with her, whomever she likes will be approved. They are wondering if Nadech bought that ring for her. But Yaya assures them that in her family culture, significant or marriage ring goes on the right hand. A fan is given a mic and replies that for her, there are many reasons why she’s a fan but one reason she recalls is when Nadech was learning how to knit. But one day she saw a picture of Yaya wearing a scarf with that same knitting design and color.

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