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So if your date has every chance of turning into something more than coffee – a toothbrush and a roll-on can easily be squirrelled away without it looking presumptuous (no overnight bags – puts people off).

I felt like I had given everything it’s fair chance — from Tinder and Bumble to Hinge and even Match — and still, online dating felt a lot like — doing the same thing over and over again.It’s tough sometimes to listen along and nod intently, and when it comes time for you to share….Well, you don’t have anything as entertaining to say. Or second-hardest (see the last one below) — is dating less.Make it a challenge."My dating life (and happiness level) are much stronger since giving up my dating apps.But that doesn’t mean that letting go of a crutch you held on for the majority of your 20s doesn’t come with setbacks.That being said —having a dating app means that, statistically, I go on more dates.

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