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If soldiers downloaded the fake apps, it would give Hamas operatives the ability to see a user’s location and contact list.

It would also allow the app’s creator to use the phone as a listening device and video camera, reported.

As more people post their personals, online dating has gone from just trying to hook up to deeply layered game theory.

Niche sites like Hot may seem like a tempting, time-saving filter — eliminating the risk of dating, or Heaven forbid, falling for, a genetic inferior.

Non-psychotic pretty people don’t seek peer validation from exclusive dating sites.

They’re busy adopting third world orphans and designing clothing lines for H&M.

Change your search location to say, Tampa, Fla., however, and it’s humanity at low tide.

Of course, there are plenty of online losers within the New York City tri-state area. For example, anyone who lists “9/11” as their “most humbling experience” is a poseur. But if you list it in your profile, you’re trying too hard to look too cool.

(Seeking peer validation is perfectly acceptable for us 7s and under.) The Internet helped me hook up with an OK guy who we’ll call Boy Millionaire.

Charming and hilarious, Boy Millionaire looked great on paper (I saw his tax return).

He also came with a complete leather-bound set of emotional issues — just like I like ‘em. After four and a half months, I ended it via e-mail.

Millionaire on line courting company will ensure that you might be matched to men and women of like thoughts.

Wealthy men and women can now locate soul mates from the least difficult way probable; on the web.

For Art Boy, I deviated from my usual e-flirting strategy and contacted him first.

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