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Hot Russian chicks have been flocking to the adult entertainment business for years now and has a massive collection of these cock hungry starlets getting naked to suck and fuck on camera for your viewing enjoyment.

From the earliest days of black and white photos taken in the WWII era to today’s 4K porn masterpiece videos, Russian girls have always been one of the prime targets for cumshots from all around the globe.

For some the Russian Spy or Soviet defector fantasy remains as vibrant today as it ever was.

Her accent, and that aggressive ‘give me your cum now’ attitude that is pervasive in female Russian culture always continue to keep this nationality at or near the top of everyone’s ethnic preference list.

That has also lead to a large number of SPH (small penis humiliation) movies being made starring Russian women who get off on making fun of tiny cocks.

If you have the kind of thick full dick these snow angels crave, bring it over to them and give them to chance to drain every last drop of your best cumshot because when they are motivated to get a big load out, Russian girls are the best choice by far!

Are they former Russian athletes banned from the Olympics?

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