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12 FAM 433 RSO RESPONSIBILITIES 12 FAM 433.1 Program Supervision (TL: DS-85; ) RSOs are responsible for the operational success of the MSG program abroad.

They must actively support and supervise the MSG program by: (1) Attending and participating in the MSGs guard school; (2) Leading and supervising all contingency drills; (3) Conducting unannounced inspections of MSG posts; (4) Involving themselves in all inspections and official visits by Marine Corps officers to include acting as joint control officer for the visit, briefing the visiting officers, and attending all meetings with post officials; (5) Ensuring the detachment commander has familiarized newly assigned MSGs with the equipment and duties of a post prior to their standing watch alone; (6) Ensuring security implications are reviewed and addressed for social activities sponsored by the detachment or held at the MSG residence; (7) Keeping the detachment commander informed of pertinent threat information and any proposed changes which might affect the MSGs work or living conditions; (8) Seeking and considering the detachment commanders views on matters which may affect the detachment; (9) Drafting all guard orders and contingency plans; (10) Ensuring MSGs are familiar with guard orders and contingency plans; (11) Representing MSG detachment interests and concerns at country team meetings, at emergency action committee meetings, and with post senior management; and (12) Ensuring that the MSG personnel who marry or plan to marry during their tour as an MSG are reported to DS/SPC/MSG and that all such matters are handled in accordance with the current MOA (see 12 FAM Exhibit 431(B)).

12 FAM 430 MARINE SECURITY GUARD (MSG) PROGRAM (CT: DS-259; ) (Office of Origin: DS/SPC/MSG) 12 FAM 431 AUTHORITIES (CT: DS-183; ) a. 12 FAM 432.2 Regional Security Officer (RSO) (CT: DS-183; ) a.

12 FAM 432 PROGRAM MANAGEMENT 12 FAM 432.1 Chief, Marine Security Guard (MSG) Program (DS/SPC/MSG) (CT: DS-132; ) See 12 FAM Exhibit 431(B), MOASection 5, paragraphs b(1)(d) and (e) and 1 FAM 262.2-3(A).

The RSO should apprise the detachment commander of MSG infractions or other situations requiring possible disciplinary or corrective action.

However, under circumstances requiring immediate action, where the detachment commander is unavailable, the RSO may relieve a MSG of duty pending the result of the Marine Corps investigation and/or disciplinary action. Post personnel should report all incidents which may have security implications to the RSO.

Where the life or safety of any posts principal officer is in danger and no other adequate means of protection is available, the RSO may assign MSGs to provide temporary security within that officials residence. The RSO will ensure MSGs are armed and are not assigned to perform service functions which would normally be accomplished by household or mission staff. The RSO will write the duties and responsibilities of the assigned Marines into the guard orders.

12 FAM 434.2 Documentation (CT: DS-39; ) All Marines assigned to the Marine Security Guard Program require passports to travel abroad in support of the program.Such a delegation will not diminish the RSOs overall MSG program responsibility. The RSO guides, assists, and supports the post security officer (PSO) (see 12 FAM 423.5, Post Security Officer (PSO)) in executing the duties and responsibilities of supervising a detachment at a constituent post with no resident RSO. The detachment commander will execute such instructions and orders, either written or oral, as the chief of mission or principal officer or the RSO issues within the parameters of the current MOA.Since the RSO retains overall responsibility for the MSG program at such posts, that officer will determine which duties are delegated to the PSO. The detachment commander reports directly to the RSO or PSO, in the absence of the RSO, on operational matters and on any matter adversely affecting the detachment or the security of the mission.12 FAM 433.5 Disciplinary Actions (CT: DS-183; ) a.The Marine Corps has sole responsibility for disciplinary authority over all MSGs.The RSO and detachment commander must ensure MSGs are not assigned to duties outside U. diplomatic property except as provided under 12 FAM 433.4.

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