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Embiid celebrated by posting a couple poorly-Photoshopped Rihanna memes on Twitter.

Although he wasn’t named an NBA All-Star in 2015—and thus didn’t earn a date with Rihanna—Embiid still took some time out of his day to wish her a happy birthday while using the same poorly-Photoshopped meme he had used back in December 2014.

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anchors Jemele Hill and Michael Smith, Embiid made a pitch to Kelly Rowland and asked her to help him out."Look at myself," he told Rowland, while listing the reasons Rihanna should date him.

But while dancing along to upbeat Ariana Grande or Rihanna songs, it's hard to believe...

Having to deal with a wedgie can be super annoying.

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However, the examples of violent behavior that he cites are all related to students in the age-group 15-17.

He also playfully claimed Rihanna was "considering" his offer.

Get some good food and then hang out a little bit," Embiid said.

But when Embiid was actually asked about landing a date with Rihanna following the 76ers’ win over the Celtics on Thursday night, he threw everyone a curveball.

Within a matter of about three hours, he quickly moved from Kim to Rihanna and even offered to take her out on a date.

In Fort Lauderdale, a 15-year-old student was robbed of his jewelry.

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