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According to IOM, quality health care has the following attributes: The recommendations were developed jointly under the auspices of CDC's Division of Reproductive Health and OPA, in consultation with a wide range of experts and key stakeholders.

More information about the processes used to conduct systematic reviews, the role of technical experts in reviewing the evidence, and the process of using the evidence to develop recommendations is provided (Appendix A).

Providers of more comprehensive primary care might be less familiar with the delivery of contraceptive services, pregnancy testing and counseling, and services to help clients achieve pregnancy.

This report can be used by medical directors to write clinical protocols that describe how care should be provided.

Family planning services can help address these and other public health challenges by providing education, counseling, and medical services (5). The recommendations outline how to provide family planning services by: The collaboration between CDC and OPA drew on the strengths of both agencies.

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These recommendations are intended for all current or potential providers of family planning services, including those funded by the Title X program. health-care system evolves in response to increased efforts to expand health insurance coverage, contain costs, and emphasize preventive care (9), providers of family planning services will face new challenges and opportunities in care delivery.

Finally, CDC and OPA staff considered the individual feedback from Expert Work Group members when finalizing the core recommendations and writing the recommendations document.

A description of how the recommendations link to the evidence is provided together with the rationale for the inclusion of each recommendation in this report (Appendix B).

Job aids and other resources for use in service sites are being developed and will be made available when ready through OPA's website (

In this report, the term "provider" refers to any staff member who is involved in providing family planning services to a client.

Next, literature about three priority topics (i.e., counseling and education, serving adolescents, and quality improvement) was reviewed by using the USPSTF methodology for conducting systematic reviews (22).

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