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Currently, according to lawyers and court officials across the US, these varying laws cause confusion from state to state.This new law is looking to create a uniformed, understood age of consent factor across the entire country.On 22 February 2017, Now8News dusted the same piece off for another go-around, this time attributing the putative sexual consent law change to President Donald Trump: An announcement was made on Wednesday by the Trump Administration which states a new law that will take effect April 1, 2017 and Americans are shocked and disappointed.According to the announcement, the law concerning the age of consent will be changed across all 50 states and D. Currently the law varies in each state with the age of consent being 16, 17, and 18 years old with age provisions and mistake of age defense clauses.

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Each year the government puts out its annual fair market rents reports for each county.

The need for assistance is great and the social programs are the first to go when budget cuts happen.

In the state of Florida 1.4% of all households are on cash assistance and the number rises for those on Food assistance.

The program is now called ACCESS FLORIDA and it is the body charged with determining the eligibility of Florida residents to participate in any of the government sponsored assistance programs.

You can find all of the information you need for applying for food assistance, cash assistance and childcare for select participants by going to there has been a new development in the program that affects the entire state.

Lack of adequate employment is cited as the major cause of homelessness in Florida.

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