Java code database updating


You also included code in Test Web App to invoke methods on the two classes in My Test Web App to retrieve data from a database table.Now you’re ready to use the same Java Persistence API and Visual Web Table component to add, update, and delete database table rows.

This is the second part version 2 in a two-part series.Now you need to add three methods to the User Controller class:.From within the transaction context, it uses the Entity Manager persist method to make the user entity instance persistent, then commits the transaction, which writes the data to the database table and ends the transaction context.The User Controller set up code called the Entity Manager Factory to create an Entity Manager object.Then, it invoked the create Query method on the Entity Manager to construct a Java Persistence query that selected the rows from the Users database table.You also add Add Record and Update Record buttons, so that users can indicate that they are adding or modifying the table rows.

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