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We talk everything from dates to the latest success stories to clients who are learning about themselves through the process.

If I’m lucky, I hop onto my Peloton bike for 30 minutes and take Cody’s Groove class.

was producer or resident matchmaker.”Eventually, Goldstein quit her job and began offering matchmaking services and hosting singles events around Los Angeles.

We’re essentially going on all of the bad first dates for our clients and only sending the best ones over. Lucky for me, “CEO stuff” still allows me to do what I love, just in a slightly different capacity.

Voted Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Best Matchmaker year after year, our unique services are readily available for you.

Only through our upscale dating service will you find the high caliber people with whom you're most compatible.

It comes down to discovering what really makes each of us who we are.

Our goals and hopes; our political views and how we feel about raising families; these are far more important than whether or not we enjoy candlelit dinners.

AND…Julie is networked with the finest matchmakers throughout the U.

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