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Or, did he decide to move across the country and try settling there without any specific reason? Even if both of you are moving to different places to finish your education (even if it takes as long as four years) you can still handle the separation because you will have a clear deadline before you even start your LDR.In addition to that, you can concentrate on pursuing your personal goals which were forgotten because you were too busy with your sweetheart. Now, the bitter truth: If he got an amazing job offer, and is moving to a place which is a twelve-hour flight away (and it will be permanent), that doesn’t sound promising. If both of you prioritize your personal/career goals over your relationship, it’s completely fine.If you are willing to let go some of your ambitions/goals in exchange for saving your love, there are quite a few options.You could move with him and try to pursue your career there.Take advantage of your free time away from your boyfriend.Rather than sitting around moping that your boyfriend is gone, embrace some of this new free time. Your new focus will help you forget the sadness of your boyfriend moving out of town.All of a sudden, you are forced to evaluate your relationship and make a decision if it’s worth continuing your love story. First and foremost, understand that asking him to choose between a new life in another place and you is just plain wrong. He did his best looking for jobs, but we slowly understood that staying in India was unlikely to happen. He couldn’t avoid the move, and we were definitely not ready to end our relationship. Did he get a temporary job project assignment for one year and has to move abroad to complete it? If he knows that he will come back, here’s the solution: wait for him…Eventually, he moved to China because he received a great job offer (and … So, a LDR seemed to be the only solution (partially because, back then, I was sure that LDRs were so easy, as long as you love your babe … Did you both just graduate and have to go to different cities? It’s not going to be easy, but it is possible to make it through.

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His answers to these questions will reveal a lot about the future of your relationship.

Alternatively, he could think about rejecting the offer and finding a job where you are.

Also, you could stay where you are for some time and your partner could spread the word (and CV) about you in his new location — that would open you some doors even without physically being there. I kept sending job applications to companies in China, providing local phone number of my boyfriend in advance before flying down.

But it should get you thinking, what does this relationship mean to you, and should you give it a chance and work on it at all?

Sometimes, it makes more sense to end it than possibly have an ugly end in the future.

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