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More Information: Please visit our Gemini Relationship page for more relationship and compatibility information.Use the navigation at the top of the page for details on any sign.Your social life is likely to be very lively, but try not to let it interfere with your professional life.A Gemini Woman loves being out and about, discussing things or participating in creative projects; so does he.He is likely to be as ambitious and fun-loving as you are; you should try to engage in a lot of physical activities together.It will help you get the juices flowing that will bring you "down to earth", which will increase your passion and your drive.

As a result, your relationship may lack stability and direction.

It will also cause both of you to put your attention on things that you normally don't focus on, like stamina and stability; both of you need to have more regular habits.

You know how quickly you become bored with "the same old thing"; he is exactly the same way.

You won't have to go out a try something new every day, but in small things, try something different.

Try things like never going to the same theater twice until you've been to them all.

It can result in a lack of focus or stability, but this may be compensated for in other ways.

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