Funny dating game skits

Id like you to meet him right now, but he is not allowed to see the damsels until he makes his choice. (PRINCE ENTERS swaggering, with chains wrapped around his waist and shoulders. NOTE: The Prince enters so he does not see the damsels.) HOST - Youve seen him at dance balls, youve seen him as a frog, youve.

Now in order to keep our Handsome Prince from seeing or hearing our young damsels, we have kept him isolated offstage in a soundproof dungeon.

(CINDERELLA holds up a foot, hopping.) HOST - A bit of artistic license there by the Brothers Grimm .

She is a good hearted gal, and looking for a fine upright young prince to sweep her off her feet.

His father the King wants him to get married and inherit the kingdom, but this bad boy just cant settle down. Contact the playwright at the link above to get more of the script.

(PRINCE sits on stool, and keeps making flirty faces and combing his hair.) HOST - Youve seen him at dance balls, youve seen him as a frog, youve heard of him in legend and song. He picks one and there is a big surprise in store for all, a short chase scene and a funny rescue and wrap-up.

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(CINDERELLA goes to stool #2, looks at it, and pulls a spray bottle and small wipe towel from a loop or hidden flounce-pocket in her dress, and sprays and wipes off the stool, as HOST continues.

) Our damsel enjoys riding in enchanted pumpkins, and visiting dress shops with her Fairy Godmother.

(RAPUNZEL ENTERS stroking and twirling her long hair, smiling and batting her eyes at the audience.) HOST - Just awakened from a 100 year sleep, our lovely lady is eager to learn about this new 18th century with a handsome prince to show her around.

SHOW HOST optional additional SHOW HOST PRINCE (conceited) - DAMSELS: -- CINDERELLA (obsessed with cleaning) - -- SNOW WHITE (desperate to get out of the Dwarves House) - -- RAPUNZEL (conceited about her hair, sarcastic teen) - Longer Version adds: SLEEPING BEAUTY TV DIRECTOR (If some of the princesses are played by boys, introduce the boy princesses last for the comedy effect.) -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- A television show set.

Colored lights on wall, geometric shape shadows, 1970s style deco -- See video of the Dating Game with Michael Jackson as "Prince" (ironic). Or try this simple stage set-up: Hang Deco Stuff on back curtain, use a cardboard or wood divider (or hang curtain on clothes rack) -- make sure the partition does not block corners of the audience from seeing all the actors. On one side is one stool (or throne) for the Prince, on the other side are three stools (or fancy princessy stools) for the Damsels -- So they cannot see each other! ( Or I know you, Ive walked with you once upon a dream) HOST - Indescribable.

(calling offstage from whence the Prince entered) Goodness!

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