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The Beach Club is a large bar in a nice section of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Surrounded by things like an upmarket Irish Pub it looks a lot like any other mainstream establishment from the inside. The place isn’t in the business of directly selling any sexual services at all and it looks more like a Hard Rock Cafe or similar commercialized theme bar than a red light district.

While bad things can happen anywhere and to anyone the women who work the Beach Club seem to be a generally honest bunch.

The worst of it tends to be attempts to coax a few more Ringgits out of guys while back in the room but anything worse than that seems to be incredibly infrequent.

Lucky there are full service massage parlors in town if they can’t handle the Beach Club scene.That’s as it should be as the name of the game is pay for play.Still I could see how some really shy guys could have issues.Considering what it is and where it’s located the Beach Club isn’t that bad of a place.There’s a reason guys keep coming back night after night, year after year.The women who ply their trade at the Beach Club typically come to Malaysia on tourist visas and see what kind of money they can make.

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