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:)~xxx I will be posting my naughty new video update in the next few days. kisses CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY DAILY VIDEO JOURNAL Stay tuned! As I mentioned in my blog yesterday I got into a car accident, but luckily it wasn't my fault and I didn't get hurt. Her hubby played with my titties and kissed me, we were so excited to fuck!LOTS more dirty experiences & larger more explicit photos inside members area to cum baby! I knew my girlfriend was close to cumming, she started moving all around and moaning really loud.I wore some really sexy black fetish lingerie underneath my business attire.Of course I wore some full fashioned stockings and some high heels for him as well. He was already hard and ready for me when I got down on my knees....yummy! Also, I am starting a new "Member of the Month" contest. xxx Desirae ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-06-13: Last night I went out with my step son's girlfiend and a few of her friends.:)~xxx He called me up and I told him that my husband was going to get a massage for an hour...(story continued in members area.) xxx Desirae __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5-21-13: Hi guys, Here is a little daily video I made for you today. I love hearing from you, I get a kick out of some of the wild stuff you guys say.Just to recap- i've been adding a lot of new bonus content to the site along with my HOT videos. xxx Desirae (story continued in members area.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 05-20-13: I went out shopping the other day and ended up buying a new pair of shoes at Nordstrom.

I really hit it off with my new boss Rick, so I flirted with him and invited him over for a little afternoon delight.You will get a free autographed picture and your choice of a pair of my panties or stockings, and if you choose I will put up your picture and do a write up just especially for you- I'll even make a custom video for ya- saying your name and letting you know how much I appreciate you being a member of my site. We got all dressed up, I wore a sexy black dress and shiny black heels.:) We hit a few local night clubs and then ended up at a really cool place overlooking the beach.A couple guys came up to us and asked us if we wanted to dance, so we all went out and got down a bit, lol.We danced for a long time and then all wanted to head home.One of the girls was super excited about the sybian and climbed on it with her dress hiked up and panties still on. Anyways, I wanted to tell you what happened while I was in Miami at the Heat game.

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